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CCIFI Welcomes Usha Bora

is proud to announce that Usha Bora has been included as the newest member of the CCIFI Bureau.

Usha is the CEO and founder of Jamini Paris

An Indian entrepreneur who has been living in France since 1998. Usha has a double degree from the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad and an MBA from ESSEC Business School

After four years of professional experience at L'Oréal, she decided to create her own company.

She will bring the influence of her double culture to the development of the CCIFI, and to the strengthening of the economic and commercial links between France and India.

The CCIFI is proud to have two women of character among its five bureau members and representation from both countries (two Indians-three French).

The bureau now consists of

· Bénédicte Brouard, President

· Pierre-Marie RELECOM, Vice-President and Treasurer

· Amit Pathare , Vice-President

· Jean-Luc Barlet, General Secretary

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