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Opportunities for SMEs & Startups in Karnataka!

Franco-Indian Collaboration Opportunities for SMEs and Startups in Karnataka! 🇫🇷🤝🇮🇳

👏 The chamber was thrilled to participate in a conference organized together with MEDEF International in honor of the visiting delegation from hashtag#Karnataka held on 12th June in Paris. This event showcased the immense potential for Franco-Indian collaboration, particularly for SMEs and startups aiming to tap into the dynamic Indian market, with a special focus on Bangalore, Karnataka.

Deep insights were provided by @Sharath Bachegowda, Chairman of Keonics - India, Dr. Ekroop Caur, Secretary, Department of Electronics, IT, BT, and Ruchi Bindal, Deputy Secretary, Department of IT/BT. Ruchi Bindal’s presentation was particularly enlightening, highlighting Karnataka’s economic development and Bangalore's emergence as one of the world's fastest-growing hubs for Space-tech and Fintech.

The chamber was also represented by our Vice President Coumar ANANDA and our Advisory Board members Luisa Munaretto PHD and Souad Tenfiche-Ancelle 

Christophe Mariette, Chairman of Lyra India (member of the chamber), and Souad Tenfiche-Ancelle, also Co-President of La French Tech India, emphasized the importance of deepening Franco-Indian ties to harness collaborative synergies. Géraldine Lemblé, Deputy CEO at MEDEF International, underscored the productive partnerships being forged between France and India.

The chamber is particularly thrilled about the upcoming Bengaluru Tech Summit 2024 – Asia’s biggest integrated technology conclave! Organized by the Department of Electronics, IT, and BT, Government of Karnataka, this landmark event will be held from November 19-21, 2024 in Bengaluru. The chamber is eager to support and promote this summit, and the French Tech Days India 2024, aiming at accelerating French companies' export strategy in one of the world’s largest tech ecosystems; organized by our partners, Business France India and La French Tech India. Their teams will support the participants in developing technical and commercial partnerships in one of the most attractive Indian regions and will connect the entrepreneurs with companies that have successfully integrated the Indian market.

Events like these are vital for showcasing India's technological potential and vibrancy. They foster a greater understanding and connection, promoting global business development and innovation. We are proud to be part of these efforts and look forward to continuing to support and enhance Franco-Indian business relations.

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