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CCIFI Webinar: Green Hydrogen in India

CCIFI organised a webinar on "Green Hydrogen in India - Building a New Industry"

▶ The online event was held on 26th April, 2023

👏 The Chamber would like to thank all the panellists and the participants and a special thanks to our vice-president Amit Pathare for being the moderator and the mind behind this event. Also thanks to Antoine Le Cozannet for helping in the organisation

Last but not the least Jean-Luc Barlet & Mazars for making it all possible


  • Pierre Laboué is the Head of International Relations for France Hydrogène, which brings together 450 members comprising stakeholders of the French hydrogen sector across the entire value chain. Their goal is to build advocacy for the sector in France from a techno-commercial and regulatory perspective. Pierre will introduce in brief the opportunities and challenges of this sector, setting the stage for the other panellists.

  • Amrit Singh Deo is the Senior Managing Director of FTI Consulting in India and heads the Secretariat of the India Hydrogen Alliance (IH2A), an Industry body that is promoting the commercial development of the Clean Hydrogen sector in India. The IH2A is like the counterpart to France Hydrogène in India. Amrit will share an overview of the current landscape of commercial development and the evolving policy framework in India from his unique vantage point.

  • Jaideep Malik is the General Manager for John Cockerill’s Green Hydrogen business in India. John Cockerill is the world’s largest manufacturer of Alkaline Electrolysers, and has recently set up a JV with Greenko to build two electrolyser gigafactories in India. Jaideep will talk on what made John Cockerill confident about a large-scale manufacturing facility investment in India, and how it anticipates the growth and localisation of the supply chain.

  • Ariane Jouve-Villard is the Chief Business Development Officer for HDF Energy in India. HDF offers innovative and flexible solutions, developing projects centring on green hydrogen and a unique multi-MW Fuel Cell. They aim to provide clean, sustainable, round-the-clock energy to clients around the world, and are currently present in 7 countries in Asia, most recently India and Japan.

  • Prabhat Mishra is the Chief Business Development Officer for ReNew (formerly – ReNew Power) in the Green Hydrogen domain. Beginning with its Renewables business, ReNew is now expanding its scale and scope to become a complete provider of Decarbonisation solutions. Prabhat will talk about where they see opportunities for business, and the evolution of the sector across various client segments.

  • Laurence Boisramé is the Hydrogen Global Sales Director for Bureau Veritas, who provides a full range of certification services to ensure that hydrogen is safe, sustainable, economically viable and reliable. A nascent sector can easily be prone to boom-bust cycles if its operating risks are not well managed. Bureau Veritas fills this critical systemic need – to ensure public trust across the value chain of industrial activities in this space.

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